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Forget the 'one' - what you should look for in a partner

Once you’ve moved past the honeymoon period there are going to be things you don’t like about your partner, however, there will still be so many good points to enjoy.

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New Hypnosis TV Show You're Back In The Room With Daryl Somers

Seeing that Daryl Somers is back hosting a new TV show with hypnosis definitely caught my attention. The new show, 'You're Back In The Room' is set to air soon on the Channel 9 network here.

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Nightwatch Radio Interview June 2015

On the 2nd June 2015 I was a guest on the popular talkback show 'Nightwatch Radio', talking about hypnosis & other alternative topics.

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A Time for Personal Reflection on Current Affairs

The last few weeks there has been a lot happening here in Australia politically. Our government has recently escalated national security alert levels to 'high' and there has much talk of conflict in the news. Of course this is by no means limited to Australia, as the same theme is being repeated around the rest of world.