Instructions for Using My Hypnotherapy Programs

Please Follow These Instructions to Get the Best Results!

Man listening to headphones on couch
Headphones are recommended but not fully required if not available to you

I created this page to help answer any questions you might have about the use of my hypnosis sessions and to give you the right instructions to obtain the best results. Of course if you have any additional questions please just contact me here and I am happy to answer these personally for you.

Listening Instructions

There is not much else to do except find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and play the hypnosis track from start to finish. Headphones are recommended to make the binaural beat effect more effective but you can still listen through speakers if you like. On track 1 of each of my sessions is the instructions (what is outlined on this page). It is a good idea to listen to this for the first few times and after that you can just skip straight to tracks 2 and beyond which are the hypnosis sessions.

Important - please do not listen while doing anything that requires your attention for safety's sake - driving, operating machinery etc.

Listening Frequency

Using One MP3 or CD

  • Listen to the recording at least once a day/night for 6 days for 6 to 8 weeks total. I say 6 to 8 weeks because really at least 6 weeks is required to make proper changes, but for certain people or issues an extra couple of weeks may be required.
  • It is a good idea to have 1 day a week break to divulge all the information and give your mind a rest. This helps everything sink in and is best done on the 7th day each week.
  • It is OK to listen to your session more than once in a day (like once in the morning and once at night) or to even leave it on repeat for the whole night. So long as you listen at least once per day additional listening is completely up to you depending on schedule or preference.

Using Multiple MP3s or CDs

  • Please use no more than 4 hypnosis sessions at the same time (mine or other hypnotists)
  • Follow a similar listening frequency as above for using one title, but alternate evenly between the different sessions over the week. (For example using 3 titles you could a different one each day so in the 6 days you have used each at least twice.)
  • It is a good idea if you are using 3 or 4 titles to extend the 6-8 weeks into 10-12 weeks of use to get best effects. The extra time is required because there is more information to put in place.
  • Still have the one day a week break by not listening to any sessions.
  • It is also fine to use multiple titles in the same day (or the same title more than once). Please refer above.

General Instructions & Recommendations

  • Important - DO NOT discontinue any medication or doctors orders while using my sessions. They are not made to replace medical advice, rather to compliment it.
  • Important - If you suffer from a severe mental illness (Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Multiple Personality Disorder - this DOES NOT include Depression) please consult your doctor before using my programs as they will take you into a trance and this may not be a good idea for your condition
  • It is fine to fall asleep listening as your subconscious is still receptive to the suggestions & techniques I use on the recordings
  • Drinking a glass or two of water before you listen is a good idea as dehydration is a common side-effect from hypnosis as your mind & body begin the elimination process
  • For best results try to always picture your desired before each time you listen to one of the sessions. This helps align the conscious and subconscious on the right path together
  • Don't use the programs a few times and then give up. Keep going for the recommended 6-8 weeks because change is something that usually does not happen overnight

All the best with journey if you decide to purchase one of my programs. Some very powerful changes have been proven to follow by many of my customers - you can read their testimonials here. At any time if you are unsure about something or have doubts, myself and my team are only an email or phone call away to help steer you in the right direction if you want to contact us here