Free Relaxation Hypnosis MP3 Video

The video above contains a free 18 minute hypnosis session recorded by Giovanni. The purpose for this recording is to experience a pleasant level of deep relaxation and relieve any stress or tension. For the best listening experience please plug headphones into your computer or mobile device and allow yourself to relax.You may even close your eyes if you wish. At the end of the video Giovanni will 'wake you up' so you are left feeling refreshed and ready to go about the rest of your day or night. Enjoy...

About The Recording

Like all of Giovanni's MP3 and CD programs, this recording has a unique format which contains the following audible levels:

1. Spoken Hypnosis - guiding you into a relaxed state with some positive reinforcements to help relieve stress

2. Binaural Beats - a pulsating rhythm, best listened to through headphones, to lower your brainwaves into alpha/theta levels

3. Nature Sounds & Music - to further promote entry into deep relaxation and enhance the overall listening experience