Power Hypnosis

This is a special hypnotic series I developed for time conscious people. Each recording goes for approximately 20 minutes and is perfect to use during a break in a busy day. The subject matter of each title is made specifically to help make the rest of the day after using the hypnosis session better. Additionally each recording has a different format to get you into a deeply relaxed state faster! To do this I have used unique background sounds for each recording and incorporated what you hear on these into the actual spoken script. As usual there are also underlying binaural beats and these are of a lower frequency to help ease the mind into hypnosis faster too.

Finding solutions cd cover

Finding Solutions (Power Hypnosis)

CD cover

'Living the Dream' Power Hypnosis

Pain reduction CD cover

Pain Reduction Power Hypnosis

Passion CD cover

Find Your Passion (Power Hypnosis)