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Hypnosis has been successfully used by many famous sports people to help them become the best in their field. For example Australian gold medal winning Olympic pole vaulter Steven Hooker used hypnosis prior to winning his gold medal, as did Jack Nicklaus throughout his very successful golfing career. These sessions are designed for specific sports or for general fitness, and are valuable tools for any person participating in these sports. Giovanni has personally worked with many sportspeople throughout his career, most notably Australian Rugby League players, as well as Ian Jacobs - 3 x world champion kick boxer. He has combined the same techniques that helped these famous sports stars into the audio programs below.

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Hypnosis for Slimming & Toning

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Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

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Custom Hypnosis Recording

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Hypnosis for Martial Arts

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Hypnosis for Eating Healthy

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Hypnosis for Better Golf